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Upcoming Topics 
Benjamin Vincent: Civic Leader, Merchant, Slave Trader
John Wilkes Booth in Mobile 
Mobile's Repurposed Fire Houses
THE Question: Who Had the First Mardi Gras in America?
The Story of Mardi Gras in 1703 
Is Mobile the City of Five Flags or Six?
Masons and Mardi Gras: How Mobile Made Mardi Gras Mystic
and Why is Mobile the "Mother of Mystics"
A Call to Civic Duty: The Family of Joseph Stillwell Cain
Where the Cain Clan Lived in Oakleigh 
The Trial of Fred Fincher
Another Perspective on the Civil Rights Era in Mobile
The Lynching of 1906
Sex and Slavery: Rights, Legitimacy and Mobile's Black Slave-Owning Families
Flappers and Club Women: Defining Feminism in 1930s Mobile
Why Women Were the Backbone of the Lost Cause
Octavia Levert, Alva Erskine Belmont and Yolanda Betbeze: Three Mobile Women Who Made a Mark on the Nation and What They Have in Common
Betty Hunter's Life in Mobile 
Old Bay Shell Road Then and Now: An Historical Trail of Significant Sites Leading to the New Downtown Airport 
Firemen's Parades of April 9th 
Hank Aaron's Childhood Home: Then and Now 
The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: A Pictorial Account of Mobile in 1906
and ... Society in Chaos and The Lynching of 1906 
Collected Memories of Davis Avenue
The Great Explosion of 1865
Poisoned Sausages? Controlling the Animal Population in the Antebellum City
Riding a Rail, Charivaris and Other Forms of Popular Justice in Early Mobile
The Heyday of Duncan Place, Between Government and Broad 
Mobile and Cuba: The Story Behind the Baseball Connection 
General Gage in Mobile, Prelude to Juneteenth
The Strange Case of Francois Diard and Popular Memory in Mobile
The Data on the Slave Trade at the Port of Mobile: The People, The Ships and The Numbers
Historic Duels in Mobile, Alabama
Creole Identity and the Construction of Race in Antebellum Mobile
The Early Theaters in Mobile and Why They Matter
Filibustering in Mobile: The Case of William Walker
An Alternate Perspective on the Quiet Civil Rights Era in Mobile
Last Man Hanging: Public Executions and Their Ultimate Demise in Mobile
The Vigilance Committees of Mobile: Slavery and Citizen Justice
Africa Town: Asking the Right Questions About the Community and Its History in Plateau
Bizarre Nineteenth Century Cures for Yellow Fever 
The Great Coca-Cola Controversy
Bishop Portier and the French Community in 1830's Spring Hill 
The Storm of 1906 and Its Terrible Aftermath
City of Fear: The Legacy of Urban Slavery in Mobile 
Was the Clotilda Really The Last Slave Ship? 
Mobile's Theatrical Tradition and Why It Matters
The Origins of Church Street Graveyard 
Public Health and Public Trust: Yellow Fever and the Mobile Economy in the Nineteenth Century
Mobile: Gateway to Panama
Ghosts of Magnolia Cemetery 
Snapshot: Mobile 1839 
The Pandeli Race Case 

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Mobile Dialogue

A place to keep up with civic dialogue and share your opinions, broaden your perspective, and connect the lessons of the past with the goals of the future

Mobile Mardi Gras Trail 

Presenting the documented history of Mobile's Mardi Gras traditions, interpreting the origin and evolution of the unique customs at the heart of the city's identity. 

Mobile's Historic Places 

Images and stories of historically significant places to visit in Mobile today.  

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