Mobile Tree Trail Update

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

A message from Andrew Blejwas:

The biggest priority now is identifying and confirming the trees for the new trail. At the link here you will find the details of the existing tree trail, as well as the proposed list for the updated trail. These trees are in no particular order at the moment, though that is one of the tasks ahead of us. (if you have trouble accessing the link please let me know and we will resend it.) As you can see, we have a lot of good candidates, though we can always use more. We’d like to finish this list by mid-November so that we can move on to the next steps in the process.

The next steps on the tree trail list are below. If you would like to volunteer or help with this process let us know!!!

  • Identify candidates for the remaining species

  • Bald Cyprus

  • Loblolly pine

  • Wax myrtle

  • Palmetto

  • Dogwood

  • Eastern redbud

  • Eastern red cedar

  • Mulberry

  • Writing short and long versions of the text for the trees.

  • Getting the GPS coordinates/address for each tree

  • Number/order the trees

  • Identify possible trees in Africatown area

Finally, there are always other tasks that people have expressed interest in. If you would like to take on any of the below, or something else entirely, give us a holler! New tree signs: Getting quotes from local sign companies on styles, costs, word length, etc. Publicity: We would like to begin making presentations to community groups, businesses, etc. to make them aware of the process and ask for their support (sponsor a tree or a sign). Design: We will need a new map of Mobile and illustrations of the trees. Thanks! We hope to get together again in the next couple of weeks - Andrew

Contact: Andrew Blejwas <

for more information

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