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Fire of October, 1890

Fire in Mobile, NY Herald, October 27, 1890.jpg
Fire in Mobile, pt. 2, NY Herald, October 27, 1890.jpg
Fire in Mobile, conclusion, NY Herald, October 27, 1890.jpg

New York Herald, October 27, 1890

Mobile Described, 1894

It is only an hour's ride by rail to Mobile, a city with a great future. Time will soon open a way through the Nicaragua Canal and then this city will be a great distributing point. Mobile is situated on Mobile Bay. A road of shells traces its banks for more than five miles. Mobile is blessed with beautiful parks; oysters and fish in abundance. Ships laden with tropical fruits land wthin a stones throw of the Chamber of Commerce. Fifteen miles distant are the snapper banks, which is only a few miles from the Gulf. Three rail roads bring the city in direct communication with the markets, East, West and North. 

Herald and Tribune, June 20, 1894

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