Mobile Office Boy near Bienville Square c. 1914 Louis Hine, Library of Congress - Copy.png


The goals of the Mobile History Project are

to provide useful and relevant resources,

to build unity and inspire progress,

to strengthen civic identity and a shared commitment to the city's future

by increasing public knowledge and awareness of what makes Mobile unique

as well as the city's significant place in the broader context of American history. 

The Mobile History Project encourages an historical perspective which embraces both triumphs and failures,

a more inclusive and document-based perspective on Mobile's historical narrative,

in order to enhance the confidence and well-being of the entire community.


Realizing that no idea or event takes place in isolation, the purpose is to illuminate people and events which have been traditionally overlooked or under-represented, to inspire empathy and understanding

by recognizing the impact of social interaction

and the connection between individual actions, community values and historical patterns.

By exploring not only what happened but why, the resources of the Mobile History Project 

are intended to establish a more coherent link from the past to the present

and a clearer, more unified path to the future.