of the Mobile History Project

is to encourage community engagement

by providing accessible, inclusive, little-known and compelling educational resources in local history


integrated with a platform for civic dialogue and participation.


for accomplishing that mission 


which includes:





to local historical and cultural

organizations,  archives, museums and other venues 


to local historic sites with digital resources and information 

Timeline of Historic Moments

A chronology of brief stories and local headlines, exploring those often-forgotten events or under-represented groups, each with a unique contribution to community identity and broader historical patterns. 




of current historical and cultural events 

and a compiled record of "Today in History" entries for the year

Photo of the Week

partnering with local archives to spotlight their collections and provide access to rare historic local images.  

Today in Mobile History

from big headlines to personal stories,

each day provides a unique window to the past, encouraging new perspectives on the traditional local narrative.  

Mobile Dialogue

 providing the resources to aid citizens in fulfilling the duties of citizenship, aimed toward broader awareness and participation, these sections include a condensed weekly summary of City Council and committee meetings, a blog which connects planning for the future with relevant historical insights and a forum for public opinion and commentary. 



Social Media 

Advocacy, Access and Awareness

highlighting relevant and intriguing stories, new research and publications by individuals as well as the work of local organizations, and increasing awareness of local events through associated blogs and social media. 


Historic Print Shop 

encouraging citizens to bring the symbols of Mobile's history into their homes, a daily reminder that awareness of local history provides us with a sense of community and a foundation of unity on which to build. 


Mobile History Week

Mobile Mardi Gras Trail

Upcoming: Community Collection 

digitized photos and memories from personal collections submitted by families and individuals in the community.