to enhance citizen engagement   

by providing inclusive and compelling educational resources

in local history, cultural heritage and community development

as well as a platform for dialogue and participation.


for accomplishing that mission 


Website Resources



Quick access to historical and cultural

organizations, archives, museums and other cultural venues 


Original and curated maps highlighting local historic sites

Timeline of Historic Moments

A chronology of brief stories and local headlines, exploring often-forgotten events or under-represented groups. Each provides a connection to broader historical patterns and yet has contributed uniquely to community identity. 


Weekly update of current and upcoming

historical and cultural events

Photo of the Month

Access to historic images with brief context, an opportunity also to spotlight the collections of local archives

This Week in Mobile History

From big headlines to personal stories,

each provides a unique or unexpected window to the past, encouraging new perspectives on the traditional local narrative.  


Mobile Dialogue

 Providing information and resources to encourage broader awareness and participation, the Mobile Dialogue offers the public a condensed multi-media summary of City Council meetings and news from the administration. The blog provides context to the issues along with commentary and analysis. A weekly circle of communication then follows: 

  • The Forum is a space for public dialogue on the main issues of the week.

  • Feedback is sent to appropriate city council representatives and/or administration officials.

  • Any responses are shared in the next week's blog.  


Connected social media accounts include brief highlights offering anther space for information-sharing and discussion, in a shorter format. 




Social Media

Advocacy, Access and Awareness



Historic Print Shop 

Encouraging citizens to bring the symbols of Mobile's history into their homes, a daily reminder that awareness of local history provides us with a sense of community and a foundation of unity. 


Other Projects

Mobile Mardi Gras Trail

Self-guided tour of downtown Mobile

describing the origins of the celebration in the 19th Century 

along with educational resources and opportunities for engagement. 



Mobile History Week

 October 10 - 15, 2022

Mobile in 100 Words 

Entries begin in May 2022

Duncan Place Revival

The goal of reviving "Duncan Place" would be to restore this block of Government Street between Royal and Water Streets back to its origins as a gathering place and entertainment venue, connecting the riverfront to downtown entertainment. This would be the first step in a vision to revive the blocks of Royal Street which extend from Duncan Place south to Canal Street into an "historic district" by creating spaces which not only reflect local history but are also designed to invite shared experiences and meaningful social interaction. These areas would begin at Duncan Place and include "Place Royale" as it was once known, running between the History Museum and Mardi Gras Park, then extend to Fort Conde Village, creating a walkable connection to portions of the Hank Aaron Loop and the Gulf Quest Museum.  

Community Collection 

This initiative is intended as on-going process of collecting photos and memories from personal and family collections to be digitized, organized thematically and available to the public. Ultimately the collection should present a more balanced and document-based record, a set of data describing the daily life of Mobilians in the 20th and 21st Centuries which the community itself participates in creating. Programs would invite broad-based participation and opportunities for public dialogue from every age group and sector of society.