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What's Coming 

The FORUM is open for your comments! 

Daily posts feature Information about City of Mobile ISSUES and national trends in community development.

In the interactive forum you'll find useful data,

survey results, community photos,

and weekly highlights from City Council and Committee Meetings

and a summary of the Mayor's Nightly Newsletters


City Boards and Committees

The Trust Factor

Historic District Mapping

Evolution of the Zoghby Act 

Why Job Descriptions Matter 

City Payroll: Who's At The Top and What They Earn

 Closer Look at the 2023 Budget

Assessing Mayor Stimpson’s “100 Day Agenda”

Mobile's Executive Staff : Breaking Down Who Does What 

Federal Grants 

Broad Street Development and the New Airport 

 Cultural Policy and Planning in Mobile

One Mobile and Connectivity

Communication vs. Engagement



Cultural Tourism, Branding and Identity

Open Data

Celebrating Mobile’s Baseball Legacy

Preserving and Protecting Mobile’s Historic Cemeteries


Africa Town Development

Civil War and Confederate Monuments


The Role of Performance Contracts in Mobile's Budget

Map for Mobile and UDC

Mobile Civic Center

Hank Aaron Stadium 

Boards, Committees and Commissions

Reporting and Accountability

Data-Based Community Planning

Developing Mobile's Waterfront

Historic Preservation in Mobile—Past and Present

Historical Markers in Mobile 

Protecting and Preserving Mobile’s Living History

Silos and Collaboration

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