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Exploring the stories and photographs of the past helps us to appreciate what we have in common and what makes Mobile so special.


It's Never Too Late to Add Your Part to the Story

When we understand what motivated people to act in the context of their own time we can make more informed judgements about what moments truly mattered most and what they can teach us as we plan the future. 

3 young men_Setterstrom Family

Add Your Contributions Here

Help build this page into a record of life in Mobile, Alabama 
for generations to come. 

Register for Mobile Dialogue engagement to start submitting photos and stories. 

A city's history is a compilation stories, describing the lives of the people who lived there.  What should be included in that history, what moments mattered most, is determined by the people who write it. Help make Mobile's history as real as it can be. 


The historic record can help us be better prepared for the future when we understand WHY things happened, WHAT inherent beliefs, cultural traditions or social expectations guided individual actions and what inspired social change. 


Because the actions of each individual inevitably influence others, an authentic history must take into account all segments of society and the conditions which motivated their actions.


Send stories and photos to the

"Mobile Memory Project"

to add your part to the record of Mobile's history, because everyone's story matters. 

Cedar St. Street Car_Setterstrom Family

 Setterstrom family photos

Texaco Station Government and Warren Str
Carl McDuffie_Setterstrom Family Photos.
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