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Joe Cain Bubbly Sunday Brunch Tour

11 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. SUNDAY, JANUARY 28th

10:50 a.m. Meet in front of the History Museum and Visitor’s Center on the corner of Royal and Church Streets. Find your spot on board and help yourself to the Bubbly Bar, stocked with champagne, fruit, juice and snacks.

11:00 a.m. Bon Voyage!

First, we’ll travel to the corner of Dauphin and Warren where Joe was born to learn more about how and why his parents came to Mobile and what life was like (living next door to “Madame Boobie” !) on Dauphin Street in the early 1830's.

Next, we’ll move to Ryan Park where Joe spent his youth on the corner of Broad and Spring Hill to learn more about his siblings, his varied occupations, financial ups and downs, and his marriage to Elizabeth Alabama Rabby.

Then, traveling down Broad Street to Augusta, we’ll visit the home where he and Elizabeth raised their own family. There we’ll discuss Joe’s busy life during and after the Civil War, filled with family and civic duties, fraternal societies and New Year’s Eve parades. Cruising around the block we can see some of the homes where his siblings and Rabby in-laws lived close by.

Of course, what we really want to talk about is how Joe formed and led the Lost Cause Minstrels, during these years, that famous group of comedic musicians who kicked off Mobile’s first official Mardi Gras celebration. So we’ll head back to Royal and Dauphin to see where their parades began. Then, following their route around Bienville Square, we’ll discuss their themes and costumes, where they went, what they did, when they paraded, and what made Joe and the Minstrels so popular.

Back at the History Museum, it’s cheers to the end of Joe’s parading years, when he left Mobile for a more quiet life in Bayou La Batre and settled there until his death in 1904.

1:00 p.m. Final Toast 

Everyone will take home a complimentary 11 X 14 black and white print ready for framing

and a resource guide with information from the trip.

$45 / person

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