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Study the Past if You Would Define the Future  
- Confucius 

Where history
and community
come together

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Mobile's history

"On This Day"

plus city politics, community and culture

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For the new research you won't read  anywhere else,

the often overlooked

people, places and events

which defined Mobile's unique identity.

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Short Stories Blog , 

where you'll find your own connection 

to the history we all share. 

baseball team 1923 Bartonian yearbook of Mobile High School, Mobile, Alabama
Mobile Office Boy near Bienville Square c. 1914 Louis Hine, Library of Congress - Copy
Yolande Betbeze 1950 LOC
hank aaron_edited
carnival 1900 print
Nettie Quill close up 3
Government St. 1906 LOC clip
Nettie Quill close up 3
corner royal and dauphin street c. 1892, zadek book
church st graveyard gates no. 3 black and white cropped
Mobile Waterfront 1905 Detroit Pub LOC
royal street 1905 detroit pub loc
Visitation Monastery, Mobile, Alabama, 1906
Oyster Boats Starting Out on Mobile Bay, 1911
Bienville Square, 1906
Bienville Hotel 1906
Monroe Park c. 1906

Illuminating the past

from the perspective of those

who lived it. 

Browse the timeline of 

stories and images here

The Mobile History Project seeks to #TelllTheFullStory of Mobile,

by exploring

the synergy of people and places,

Mobile's culture and character,

from moments which have been traditionally overlooked

to inspire unity and understanding

as a guide to the future. 


Mobile History Week 


Celebrating the people, places and events that have defined Mobile's unique place in the American story. 

We can't #TellTheFullStory without you!

For community issues and analysis, stay tuned to the


and follow the Dialogue on


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because sharing knowledge, information, values and priorities

builds unity and trust;

clears away the obstacles to peace and progress; 

allows us to focus on the goals we share

and create prosperity through collaboration. 


Know More & Do More 

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Enjoy more of 
Mobile's Historic Places

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Created and curated by Ann Jurgens-Pond, PhD


All Rights Reserved


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