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Delivery boys for Hammel Department Stores mobile 1914, Lewis Hine, Library of Congress
church st graveyard gates no. 3 black and white cropped
baseball team 1923 Bartonian yearbook of Mobile High School, Mobile, Alabama
Mobile Waterfront 1905 Detroit Pub LOC
Government Street looking west 1905 Detroit pub LOC
royal street 1905 detroit pub loc
Visitation Monastery, Mobile, Alabama, 1906
Oyster Boats Starting Out on Mobile Bay, 1911
Bienville Square, 1906
Bienville Hotel 1906
Monroe Park c. 1906

Building Community by Expanding Knowledge

Exploring local history and building bridges

that connect us to each other and to the community,

one story at a time.

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Strategies & Initiatives 

Why Engagement Matters 

A collection of stories and images can be found here, a few glimpses of the people, places, memories and traditions which are the city's DNA, each integral to the tapestry of Mobile's culture.

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History never stops changing, because our view of the past is constantly evolving.  Keep up with relevant topics and fresh perspectives on Mobile's history in the new blog

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Love Mardi Gras ?  Learn more of the real story behind Mobile's
mystic traditions at MobileMardiGrasTrail.com
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Mobile Dialogue

moves us toward the future.

The Mobile Dialogue was created with the understanding that a city prospers when citizens share a sense of

ownership and responsibility for its future,

when their important role in its development

is recognized and validated.

It is not only the right but also the duty of citizens in a democracy to stay informed and express their views. Without a full spectrum of public opinion, we can't move forward with a unified voice.  

The more we know about the past,

the more we know about each other.

Understanding the patterns that led us to where we are

builds a stronger commitment to the community and its future. 

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Photos of the Month 

Historic Holidays in Mobile 
royal street 1905 detroit pub loc.jpg

Venues for Holiday Entertainments lined Royal Street in the nineteenth and early twentieth-century
Royal Street, 1905,
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

Reproduction PRINTS  available HERE


Mobile History Week 


Celebrating the people, places and events that have defined Mobile's unique place in the American story. 


Created and curated by Ann Jurgens-Pond, PhD
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