The National Trust for Historic Preservation

invites us to "share a place that helps tell a little-known or underrepresented piece of the American story."

The was created to serve this purpose, seeking to explore little-known pieces of the past so that, from this mosaic of diverse cultures and people, emerges a more authentic picture of the unique heritage we all share and a unified path toward the future. 


Integral to this mission is the principal that democracy can only function with an informed citizenry, whose active involvement as stakeholders in the decision-making process is encouraged and valued so that the policies and priorities we establish today will stand the test of time. 

Every piece matters, especially yours. 

Explore and contribute. 


of Mobile, Alabama 


The mission of the

Mobile History Project

is to foster active and engaged citizenship

by providing inclusive and compelling educational resources

in local history and cultural heritage

as well as a platform for community

dialogue and participation.


Read more about our mission here: 

Purpose / Goals

Strategies / Initiatives 



Know More & Do More, Get the News Every Citizen Needs

A city prospers when citizens share a sense of

ownership and responsibility for its future,

when their important role in its development

is recognized and validated. 

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 "Mobile History and Heritage Week" in 2022
a week of activities spotlighting Mobile's place in the American story; celebrating the people, places and events that had a lasting impact and providing opportunities to learn from the past by recognizing the subtleties of continuity and change.  

Monroe Park, 1906
(Seen here at the height of its popularity as a resort on Mobile Bay, before its early twentieth-century decline. Monroe Park was located near the newly proposed "Brookley Park" site, to be built on land purchased by the City of Mobile in December, 2020.)

Print available at

Monroe Park c. 1906 LOC, Detroit Publishing 201 KB.jpg
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Created and curated by Ann Jurgens-Pond, PhD
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